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Decided I didn’t wanna leave Thailand just yet.

February 17, 2011 4 comments

So I’m lieing here in a box compartment in a bus on the way from the border between Thailand and Laos to Chiang Mai. I was quite surprised when the bus driver told me that all the seats on the bus were full and they only had the one compartment that was meant for storage but could actually be used for sleeping as well. Since this was the last bus leaving this evening, I had no choice. So far its actually quite comfortable.If I’m still feeling ok tomorrow morning when we arrive in Chiang Mai at around 8am, I’ll ask for the sleeping compartment from now on when travelling by bus in Thailand. So how did I end up here?

I was supposed to take the plane home to Copenhagen early this morning. Instead I decided that I wanted to stay here in Thailand for a while longer. I sent Stefania off on the plane from Bangkok airport around midnight between the 15th and 16th.

After that I had a lot of time to kill before my bus would leave from Bangkok towards the border town of Nong Khai – an 11 hour journey. I took a taxi to Mo Chit Station, arriving there around 1 am. The station is pretty big and the main bus station in Bangkok. As I stepped inside it was empty save a few people sleeping in the waiting area on the hard plastic chairs, I guess waiting for the first bus in the morning. No westerners whatsoever. The 7-11 was open and I went inside to buy some water before sitting down in one of the hard plastic chairs waiting for the first bus, which would leave at 5.40 am.

This waiting area is surrounded by ticket booths, that I guess work somewhat independantly from each other, as they are all usually yelling for customers during the day. At this hour there were only a few booths open but every minute, a girl with a high pitched voice would yell out some long sentence about selling tickets for x location. I have no idea what customers she thought she was gonna get, as hardly anyone was talking into the station.

At the same time there was a booth somewhere where a phone kept friggin ringing constantly. I was so tired at this point that I didn’t put any effort into trying to sit somewhere, where I couldn’t hear the girl and phone. Even when I dozed off, I felt that I could hear this woman. Finally I got myself together and bought some red bull from the 7-11, downed it in one go and then moved to a different area so at least if I was gonna be awake I wouldn’t go insane.

Obviously I couldn’t sleep after that and moved furthur down to the platform from where the bus was going to be. Everyone new area I came to, there were only Thai people and they always gave me that look as if I didn’t belong there. I didn’t really feel like I belonged there either.

When the bus finally left for Nong Khai, I was again the only farang(Thai word for foreigner) on it. I remember falling asleep at one point across three seats. In my sleep I hear someone shout “You! You! YOU!”. I realized it was the ticket dude trying to wake me up cuz some passengers needed the seats I was lying on. This is the way it is in Thailand. If people dont know english well and they want you to move from where you are, they will say stuff like “YOU!, HELLO!” or whistle at you furiously.

After 11 hours of bus ride we finally arrive at Nong Khai, where I had to take a tuk tuk to the border of Laos. After an hour of filling out some paperwork, leaving Thailand, getting my stamps I came back on a minibus to then take a tuk tuk back to the bus station.

From Nong Khai to the neighbouring city of Udon Thani, to just make the bus that I’m currently lieing down in while writing this.

We just made a stop out in the middle of nowhere. I think there’s some engine trouble and some american guy wants to come lie down next to me.

I’ll keep you posted on what’s going on.