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New stake deal started.

December 26, 2010 2 comments

So I finally decided on a stake a few days ago. About 8 contacted me interested in staking me. Some more serious than others. A lot of them were flexible in regards to %, but I ended up going with a friend of mine. We’re gonna be doing 200k hands and the split is one that I’m very satisfied with. My staker wanted me to start at 2/4-3/6 first and then move up to 5/10 a little later, which is fine by me, since like 75% of the hands will be played at those limits anyways.

I’ve had a good start on the first 6k hands.

In other news not much else has been going on at the house. Magnus’ friend Mads dropped by for a couple of weeks. We all went to the Full Moon Party together on the 21st. There were many more people there this time than last time. Im anticipating that New Years Eve on Koh Phangan is going to be phenomenal. Other than that we haven’t really done that much more. We had an american christmas dinner last night at a local place thats owned by a Texan. We had turkey with stuffing, honeyglazed ham with cranberry sauce and mashed potatoes amongst other things for only 20$!! We had originally planned to go out after the dinner, but we were so full, we decided to come home and relax instead.

Tune in tomorrow when I tell about a prank I pulled on my friends on Facebook.

Living with poker players in Thailand

December 12, 2010 6 comments

It’s been three weeks down here in Thailand. We’ve been having a great time going out partying, eating cheap thai curries, playing and talking about poker. It’s been me, my girlfriend Stefania, Sunny, Magnus and two well known danish poker pros, Danny Neess and Martin El-Kher.

Sunny plays midstakes PLO mostly. Magnus is a tournament pro. Danny and Martin play high stakes no limit(buyin 2000 to 10000$) and yours truly is trying to grind it out at small stakes these days, as you prolly know if you’ve been following my blog before. Oh how the mighty have fallen :)

Since pokerplayers are such lazy people, we weren’t always good at getting out and enjoying the sun. The weather wasn’t always that great at it either. Last week it nearly rained on and off the whole time.

But we did manage to get out and see some sites. Here we are going on a trip to some waterfalls on ATVs.


But it was not just the sites that were fun and interesting.

Living with poker players is surely also an interesting experience. When you put people in the same house who are competitive of nature, fun stuff starts to happen.

You’ve Sunny. The multi talented Indian guy. The guys a winner at Pot limit Omaha. Used to play NL for a living, yet has never used any poker forums or poker tracking software or seen an instructional video in his life! I’ve never seen so much raw talent in a guy, but of course, he’s Indian. What else should I expect. He always seems to find a way to beat my ass in FIFA too.

Anyway I got him started using holdemmanager, the absolutely best poker tracking software out there. Hopefully if he starts seeing some poker videos, hes gonna be crushing midstakes PLO on Party poker soon =)

Then you’ve got Danny. He’s the ultimate alphamale. Never backs down, never admits he’s wrong. If you threaten his manhood, he will come after you. Which is why he’s often doing propbets and challenges with El-Kher. Both of them are doing flips and fifa matches for lots and lots of dollars. The last FIFA 11 match they played was for 4000$. Despite Danny’s huge ego, he’s a good friend who’s helped me financially the last few months

Danny’s a Heads Up Specialist. Playing high stakes NL against some of the best in the world. He even took the infamous Isildur1 for a good amount at 5kNL heads up. I’m pretty sure that Danny is the best Heads Up player at our house, but there’s someone who disagrees.

Martin El-Kher – God’s gift to poker and women. Made a million dollars in 2008. Plays 5knl but whining way too much for my taste these days. Anyway, as when there’s several poker players living together, we ended up doing a grudge match for 10 stacks at 100nl. I first started dominating him as well as running good and was up 700$. However El-Kher kinda adjusted a little bit for the next few sessions and came all the way back to -150$. He was outplaying me in lots of preflop spots. However after doing some EV calculations, I feel now that I easily have an edge vs him HU again. You see, the difference between him and my thinking in HU, is that he puts a lot of emphasis on dynamics and what not. He doesn’t use tracking software, which I feel is a big leak. Stats make it easy for me to change my strategy against any type of opponent, whereas I feel that El-Kher is playing the same way against a lot of opponents.

Regardless, at the end of the day. El-Kher seems to be my bromance guy – If you’ve ever seen Scrubs, you know what I mean. We connect really well and always have a great time together. We also had an afternoon of alone time during the trip, where we bonded well.

Then we have Magnus. The tournament pro in the house. He’s final tabled EPT Copenhagen a couple of years ago and went real deep the year after. He’s primarily a tournament pro and the youngest guy in the house. He’s very modest with a dry sense of humor. He’s also the best FIFA player in the house. We had a 1vs1 FIFA tournament the other day. Everyone took Chelsea which is the best team in the game and he took Spain and still won easily. These days I only get a win against him one out of 6 times. Very aggravating =)

I’ve been drinking while writing this post, so I’m gonna be lazy and not proofread it. Talk to you soon!

Here’s a few more pics of us.