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How to prank your friends on the new Facebook

December 28, 2010 4 comments

So I pulled a prank with a lot of my friends the other day. It takes use of the tagged pictures feature on the new facebook. You know the five pictures under their name on their profile page? That shows the last five pictures they were tagged in.

What you do is find a picture that you want to prank your friends with. I chose to go along with a speech bubble theme, where I found a picture with a speech bubble with some text inside. Then you go to this site: , which is originally made so you can take a cool picture and put it up on your profile.

After saving the five different pictures from the facebook tiles webpage onto your computer, you upload them in an album to facebook. You then tag each of the five photos with your friends. Remember to tag the pictures in the right order, going right to left. So the left picture is the last one you tag.

I’ve attached the pics I used for the prank in the gallery below if you wanta use them on your friends :P

Here is my final result *evil laughter*: