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Thailand, poker and Full Moon Party

November 30, 2010 4 comments

Sorry for not updating the blog for two weeks. I’ve been having a blast here in Thailand. Enjoying the sun, eating thai curries and seafood every day, playing FIFA 11 with the boys and also finding some time for poker.

Poker has been going ok. Ever since I started playing 1/2 I’ve been doing well. I’ve been playing both regs and fish to try and get in more hands. I’ve also been pretty happy with my play. Luckily I’ve also had other good poker players to share thoughts and ideas with, which is helping me get over this plateau I feel I’ve been struggling at where my play wasn’t improving that much.

Heres a graph of my month so far.

The last two days have been quite the rollercoaster. I started playing some guy at 2/4 who seemed like a spewtard. Unfortunately I ran pretty bad and lost about 5-6 buyins to him at 2/4. Then my friend Danny, who’s a high stakes heads up pro sat down with me and gave me some advice while playing him commenting on hands etc. All of sudden we were raping this guy. Obviously we ran very good, set over setting him and hitting monsters all the time, ending up taking him for a nice amount.

My +1800 day, that had turned to a -2k day ended up a +5300$ day instead. I was over the top happy because I was less worried about being close to busto and what not. However things would take a change for the worse the day after, which was yesterday. I ended up losing approx 5k usd, 3k of which was to another spewtard reg who 3bet about 30% of his hands from the BB and hardly ever folded to 3bets. On top of that, he loved floating in 3bet abd 4bet pots. Altho he did start out outplaying me as I had to get used to his style, I ran bad against him in some important spots and ended up losing to him. I’m prolly gonna move back down to 1/2 untill I get the roll back up to about 14-15k.

In other news, Thailand is great. THe weather is really nice and sunny. There’s been some rain but its getting better and better. We’ve been here two weeks now, living in this villa overlooking the Tongsai Bay on Koh Samui, and the view is still as breathtaking as ever.

I’m enjoying my routine here. Getting up in the morning playing some poker till about midday, then going down to the beach for a swim and enjoying thai curries for lunch. After that its either more poker or going somewhere sightseeing. There doesn’t seem to be THAT much to see on Koh Samui so in a way it’s a waste to rent this house for two months, but on the other hand it forces us to play more poker than go check out the island every day.

The plan right now is to stay here on Samui for the two months and then travel around and see the rest of Thailand on our third month. I can’t wait to see Bangkok and Chang Mai. I’ve heard many good things about those places. However I hope to make some money on poker before going so taking a break from it won’t be a big deal.

We went to the world famous Full Moon Party on Koh Phangan two sundays ago. It was pretty sick. Imagine 15000 people partying on one big beach under a full moon. People were drunk out of their minds or high on “Happy Shakes”. A drink with mushrooms in it, which also was quite an overwhelming experience. Let me tell you right away if you’ve never tried mushrooms – Dont drink a Happy Shake all by yourself. Share one with someone and drink it slowly :)

I’ll write more about what all of us have been up to lately. For now, heres a video of some of the stuff going on at full moon party and a video of us arriving on Koh Samui.

127 Hours trailer.

November 14, 2010 Leave a comment

Just saw this awesome movie trailer on Youtube. Same director as Slumdog Millionaire. Can’t wait to see this movie!!!

Awesome The Dark Knight trailer – Inception style.

September 15, 2010 Leave a comment

I love good movie trailers. Here’s one I stumbled upon. Maybe Ill use the Inception music with some poker hands/RL footage as well. Who knows how it’ll turn out. Playing around with stuff like this is fun.

Road to Busto – A poker movie.

September 1, 2010 8 comments

So I had decided to stop blogging back in May because I just didn’t feel that I was getting much out of it anymore and it started to feel more and more like work. Since I don’t make any money off the blog I figured it was stupid to work for free. Then something happened that compelled me to start blogging again.

We very often hear about poker players success stories on the forums and news sites. It gets tiring to read about other poker player making millions, while you’re still grinding your ass off. So when I went on my downswing recently I figured it would be a good opportunity to share with people the other side of making a living as a poker player. The side that you don’t hear much about in the media. If you’re interested then read on.

I’m sitting here after a week of battling with the same opponent. It’s been real tough. I started playing on a new poker site a friend of mine referred me to. Since it’s an italian poker site, I knew it would be very soft and I was right. However things didn’t go how I had planned.

It’s gone like shit. Even tho I feel that I’ve been playing well against this particular opponent(Ok maybe not all the time), he’s been winning session after session against me.

At the same time I’ve been playing around with video editing and movie making. So I decided to start using video logs with some screen recordings of me playing poker against this particular villain. You’ll be able to follow my struggle to try and make a come back against him and in general the life as a poker player, hopefully with some interesting videos as well.

Here’s a little teaser with what kind of stuff you’re going to be seeing. Bear in mind this is my first video ever using iMovie so it can still use some work but I decided to publish it anyway. I didn’t include any vlog yet but those will come as well. I hope you enjoy it.

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From Busto to Robusto – A documentary series about life as a professional poker player.

April 5, 2010 Leave a comment

Last year some well known poker players who started Deucescracked started a documentary series called From Busto to Robusto, which was a huge hit.

They just released the second episode which is about Andrew “Good2CU” Robl. The first one was about Greg “CaptZeebo” Lavery. One lives a life of partying, expensive champagne and women, the other an introvert poker nerd who spends most of time with his girlfriend.

The robusto crew are funding the project themselves, but it’s possible to buy a DVD with tons of bonus material including an interview with online poker legend Phil Galfond. You can also watch the episodes for free.

Whether you play poker or not. This series gives you some insight on what it’s like to be a pro poker player.

You can watch the first two episodes here.

Awesome site pranking a hot girl.

March 29, 2010 2 comments

I just found this really funny site. It’s a prank site where I guess some roommates are pranking a hot chick that lives with them. I don’t know how much of it is real but its effin hilarious.

Check it out at

Here’s one of their videos. I LOLed. You can also check em out on Youtube here

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Nexus One r0x!

March 14, 2010 Leave a comment

Not much has been going on while I’m here in Manchester. All I’ve been doing is go out to various pubs and bars with my brother Solly and spending time with family. Manchester has lots of different and interesting areas. Also beers and food is noticeably cheaper than in Denmark. A good thing in case I decide to come live here for a while.

I haven’t really played any poker while here. However I did get a Google Nexus One phone, which totally rocks. I’ve had iPhone and HTC hero and Nexus simply knocks both these phones outta the water. It’s really fast and one thing that really is good about the N1 is that if you use Gmail and other google applications a lot, it’s the best smartphone out there.

The only thing that sucks about it is that in sunlight or outdoors when the sun is shining it’s hard to see the display of the phone. This might become a bigger issue during the summer. Everything else about this phone rules.

Heres a comparison of the iPhone 3GS and the Google Nexus One that I found to be very useful and honest before I got it myself.

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