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Awesome The Dark Knight trailer – Inception style.

September 15, 2010 Leave a comment

I love good movie trailers. Here’s one I stumbled upon. Maybe Ill use the Inception music with some poker hands/RL footage as well. Who knows how it’ll turn out. Playing around with stuff like this is fun.

Road to Busto – A poker movie.

September 1, 2010 8 comments

So I had decided to stop blogging back in May because I just didn’t feel that I was getting much out of it anymore and it started to feel more and more like work. Since I don’t make any money off the blog I figured it was stupid to work for free. Then something happened that compelled me to start blogging again.

We very often hear about poker players success stories on the forums and news sites. It gets tiring to read about other poker player making millions, while you’re still grinding your ass off. So when I went on my downswing recently I figured it would be a good opportunity to share with people the other side of making a living as a poker player. The side that you don’t hear much about in the media. If you’re interested then read on.

I’m sitting here after a week of battling with the same opponent. It’s been real tough. I started playing on a new poker site a friend of mine referred me to. Since it’s an italian poker site, I knew it would be very soft and I was right. However things didn’t go how I had planned.

It’s gone like shit. Even tho I feel that I’ve been playing well against this particular opponent(Ok maybe not all the time), he’s been winning session after session against me.

At the same time I’ve been playing around with video editing and movie making. So I decided to start using video logs with some screen recordings of me playing poker against this particular villain. You’ll be able to follow my struggle to try and make a come back against him and in general the life as a poker player, hopefully with some interesting videos as well.

Here’s a little teaser with what kind of stuff you’re going to be seeing. Bear in mind this is my first video ever using iMovie so it can still use some work but I decided to publish it anyway. I didn’t include any vlog yet but those will come as well. I hope you enjoy it.

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