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Thoughts on 2010.

January 31, 2010 3 comments

It’s very normal for people to write about goals at the beginning of each year. Because of travelling amongst other things, I haven’t had a chance to play that much poker in January.
February is gonna be the first month where I’ll get a chance to put in a lot of hands. Being out at the EPT events I’ve come to realize that I really need more practice in playing tournaments before I can start investing time and money playing the expensive events. The only catch with that is that tournament poker really bores me and I find it hard to find motivation to play MTTs.

Heads up No Limit however is fastpaced and aggressive – Totally opposite of full ring MTTs, which makes it hard to make the adjustment. I’ve given a bit of thought to what I should try and achieve in 2010.

I definately want to spend most of the spring building the bankroll via Heads Up NL. The WSOP is coming soon and this year I really want to go as I haven’t gone for the last two years. While spending lots of time playing my normal game, I have two choices(maybe I could do both); Get some PLO 6max/HU experience or get better at MTTs. Obviously this will take a lot of my time and I won’t have that much time to travel until the WSOP.

I guess practicing MTTs makes more sense since I’m going to Vegas for the summer, but learning and becoming good at HU PLO would also be so profitable. Were I to go the cash game route, I could just focus on playing in the cash games in Vegas. It would be nice if I could have enough of a roll to play 10/20 deep.

As for financial goals, I’ve always had unrealistic goals. Maybe this year I should try and be more realistic, so I’ll just go for a 350k year. PLEASE let me destroy this goal!!

So yea, profit on HU NL cash and start focusing on MTTs or Pot Limit Omaha HU/6max. Gogogoo 2010!

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High Quality Adriana Lima Compilation Video | | Ryoni

January 30, 2010 Leave a comment

Back in Copenhagen

January 27, 2010 4 comments

So I’ve been back in Copenhagen for a little over a week. Not much has been going on. I’ve been relaxing a lot at home. I met a really nice girl Christmas Eve that I’ve been hanging out with. We met up again when I got back and spent a couple of days just hanging out at my place, watching movies and ordering takeout.

Whenever I get back from travelling I like to spend two or three days just locking myself in and just disconnecting from everything. No phone calls, no contact with the outside world – Nothing. I guess you could call me weird, but it’s my way of disconnecting and processing all that I’ve experienced while I’ve been away from home.

This past Saturday we went to Umami(danish version of Nobu) to have a nice dinner before she left for Portugal. I wanted her to try Wagyu beef before she left. Umami is a really nice restaurant but the one thing they just haven’t been able to get right the last two times I’ve been there has been the Wagyu beef.

Now Wagyu beef is originally from Japan. In fact Wagyu actually means Japanese Cow. The Wagyu beef is known for its intense marbling, naturally enhanced flavor, tenderness and juiciness, which also means that the meat is also very expensive. But there is a difference in the wagyu beef you get in Japan and the Wagyu you get in Denmark.

The Wagyu beef in Japan is mostly prepared in a different way than in Denmark, which also results in a difference in tenderness and taste. I first tried Wagyu beef in Denmark at Umami actually.

It was my 30th birthday in April 2008 and I went out to dinner with my girlfriend at the time – Julie. We went to Umami cuz I had heard that they were one of the few restaurants that served Wagyu. Well other than the experience as a whole was really good, we were blown away by the tenderness of the Wagyu beef. The best beef I had ever had! Inspired by this, I decided that we had to go to Japan a few months later to try Wagyu beef as well. Wagyu beef is sometimes also called Kobe beef, so we decided to visit the small town of Kobe as well.

In Japan, we tried Wagyu about 3-4 different places and every time we were overwhelmed by the amazing tenderness and taste of Wagyu. It was also not prepared like a steak bt Teppen-Yaki style. Teppan-Yaki dining is when the guests sit around the chefs grill in a half circle and watch him prepared the food and eat it at the table there. This way of preparing the meat was different than what they do in Denmark. The chef cuts the meat up WHILE preparing it on the grill and lets every slice grill on each side for a second or two. What this does is give the meat an even amount of tenderness all over, whereas in Denmark they prepared the whole steak on the grill and then start cutting the meat once they bring the steak to the table, which obviously results in a difference in tenderness. The steak is also as a result of this cooked more on the outside than inside.

Anyway, the wagyu beef in Japan was nothing short of amazing.

We once ordered Wagyu for room service at the hotel. I remember putting that first piece of meat in my mouth, closing my eyes as I enjoyed it. Then I hear a moan coming from Julie. I opened my eyes and looked up. She had her eyes closed as well as she let out another moan..”MMMMMM OMG this is sooo good!”. I couldn’t agree more.

I finished my steak and wanted more so I reach over to her steak with my fork saying “Gimme some of yours!!”. I was just kidding of course cuz I knew she wouldn’t give up any of her newfound love. But we both looked in amazement as my FORK cut through the steak as a hot knife through butter!!

Yes, it was quite an experience and definitely worth it to go all the way to Japan to experience the oral orgasms of Japanese cuisine.

But there was no turning back and I knew it. Once we came back to Denmark, we tried Wagyu at several different places including Umami, only to be disappointed. I’ve had Wagyu several times since then at different restaurants and I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s the way the beef is prepared that makes the difference. You just can’t prepare Wagyu like a normal steak, in fact I’m sure if you prepared all beef steaks Teppan-Yaki style, they would be much better.

If you want to try Wagyu beef in Denmark, I would recommend Hereford next to Tivoli. Its good value for money and everytime I’ve tried it there its been more tender than the Wagyu at Umami or any other place I’ve tried it in Denmark. Umami however is a really nice restaurant to take a girl out on a date. The service is perfect and they have a nice cocktail bar. Lots of famous people come there as well, whereas Hereford is not so fancy while still being a great steakhouse.

Tune in next time. Hopefully I’ll have more poker content for you then. Untill then, go try some Wagyu beef. It might be expensive but if you’re a beef lover, then you shouldn’t miss out on it.

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Fun hand from first online session this year.

January 23, 2010 2 comments

Fun hand I played last night vs a total maniac. He played 100% of all hands from SB and BB.

Entraction $400.00 No Limit Hold’em – 2 players – View hand 489042
The Official Hand History Converter

Hero (BB): $516.25
BTN/SB: $730.80

Pre Flop: ($6.00) Hero is BB with Q of hearts Q of diamonds
BTN/SB raises to $12, Hero raises to $44, BTN/SB calls $32

Flop: ($88.00) 5 of spades 3 of hearts K of hearts (2 players)
Hero bets $52.00, BTN/SB raises to $148, Hero raises to $472.25, BTN/SB calls $324.25

Turn: ($1032.50) 5 of hearts (2 players)

River: ($1032.50) A of spades (2 players)

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Poker à Paris la deuxième partie

January 23, 2010 Leave a comment

I woke up Sunday the 17th – Still in Paris. I sat up in my bed in the dark room feeling a bit of an hangover from the night before. I reached out to the night stand my hand fumbling about till I found my watch – 4 pm.

Then all the memories from last night started to come back to me. Remembering losing that huge pot made me sink back into the bed releasing a big sigh as that empty feeling again took over my body. As I laid there I tried to remind myself that even great poker players make mistakes and that it was time to look forward instead of crying over spilt milk.

This is truly something that every good player has to realize and understand 100% at some point on this venture towards greatness. This does not mean that you should just be Mr.Happy and keep playing hoping that things will turn around while ignoring why you lost various pots and why you are on a twenty buyin downswing. Put those mistakes to good use and learn from them. Don’t waste energy regretting stuff, but instead use that energy to enforce your knowledge in the future.

I spent the next few hours surfing the net. I had texted with Lars and we decided to go out for some dinner together at about 9pm.

Lars is literally a meat and potatoes kinda guy :). The only vegetables he eats is potatoes. The only type of pizza he ever eats has ONLY meat sauce on it. No cheese, no tomato sauce and even though he’s my best friend, I could never go out and try different restaurants with him, because what he enjoys eating is extremely limited. So we went out to get a steak at a place close to the Aviation Club and ate there before walking past the card club where I would start playing, while Lars went back to the hotel to get some sleep.

My session started out kinda bad when I Cbet/shoved on a 324r flop with Q3 over a clickraise vs a late position opener in a 3betpot and was looked up by JJ which held. This was at a 2/4€ table for about 400€, while I was waiting for a seat in the 5/5€ game. The rake in the 5/5 is 25€/hour instead of 5%(also preflop) on the smaller tables. The minimum buyin is also higher at 250€ at 5/5 compared to 100€ at the 2/4 tables.

When I moved to the 5/5 table I was stuck like 4-500€. I sat with 500€ since I was a little short on cash and just wanted to get a quick double up before playing more deepstacked. However my stack was down to 400€ before I got my double up with KK vs AK.

Most of the night I didn’t really run that great and my stack moved between 800 and 1000€. However when we were 5-6 players I was like a fish in water. Raising and reraising many pots preflop. I could tell the others weren’t comfortable with the fact that I was very active preflop, but it paid off because after a while I started getting the right cards at the right time and was sitting with 1600€. Then this hand happened:

4 players. Its folded to SB. SB is a young guy whos been pretty active all night. Playing aggressively and loose while still being able to lay down hands. He had a 5k stack.

He raises my BB up to 20. I 3bet him with AA up to 110 and he immediately 4bets me up to about 350. I contemplate just shoving right here but end up calling. I’d been 3betting him a lot and knew that he was frustrated with me, so chances of him being FOS here were pretty big.

Flop comes T T 7 rainbow, and he checks to me. Its a pretty harmless flop and not wanting a broadway card on the turn to ruin my action in case he has 88,99 or JJ I decide to bet out 400 into the 700€ pot. He immediately puts me all in and I instasnappumpfist(as my friend Niklas would put it) call.

Since this was a cash game we didn’t have to show our hands till showdown and even then we could muck if we wanted to.
Turn comes 6 and river a 9. Since he put me all in, I asked him to show first so I could see what kinda hand he had. He sheepishly turned over J9cc. “SICK NICE POT”, I thought as the dealer moved the huge 3200€ pot towards me. Seemed like my luck was finally turning :)

Right after the pot our young aggressive friend Hugo went out for a cigarette. This caused everyone else at the table to quit for the night. They didn’t want to play 3 handed. This is actually a very normal thing in live games. People just hate playing shorthanded if they are a passive player by nature, which 95% of bad live players usually are. I asked the dealer if we would be allowed to play Heads up when Hugo returned.

After about 10 minutes Hugo returned and accepted playing Heads up versus me. The night was just getting better and better! Of course, anything could happen, but the fact that I would be able to play this guy heads up would definately be sick positive EV in the long run.

We only got to play for an hour or two before it was 8am and people started showing up to play some poker. Heres one of the big hands:

I 3bet his open to 30 from to 110 with KK.
Flop comes TxQ. I bet out 150 and he calls immediately.
Turn bricks – The pot is 520 and I bet out 350 and he calls again.
River is a T. Not the best card for me because Tx could certainly be in his range.
I decide that I’m just going to try and induce a bluff here instead, since he could also be in a draw of some sort. I wish I could remember what other cards were in the board, but at the time I figured he could also easily be on a draw.

I check to him and he bets out 900 and I call.

I felt relieved when he mucked his hand right away, knowing that he could just as easily have had a T as well. WHEW! Ship the 2300€ pot!

As more and more players started showing up I decided that I would stop playing once it wasn’t shorthanded anymore, so by 11am, I quit the table with a 8k stack showing a profit of 5000€ for my 12 hour session!

I met up with Lars for lunch at the McDonalds close by. Way to celebrate eh? He had to play his day 2 of the tournament later that afternoon. He of course was overly excited that we had come back from a 6k hole in cashgames and were back up to even for the trip.

It definately felt good going to bed that day. I was exhausted but the joy of knowing that you did well gives you a different kind of feeling than being tired and irritable.

When I woke up at a round 7pm, Lars was still in the tournament. He had texted me how his stack was progressing and at one point nearly had 50bbs. However towards the end of the tournament day he was pretty shortstacked.

We had talked about what he would do in case his stack was small on the final stakes of day 2. There was no point in coming back to Paris on the 26th to continue playing a shortstack so the strategy was to have at least 25bb. However in the final three hands he had to gamble it up with his 10bb stack and unfortunately busted out of the tourney. I was still very proud of him for coming that far even though he started the day with like 14bb.

I still had one night of playing left before we had to head to the airport at 8.30am in the morning. This night however ended with me losing 3k at the 5/5 table. Nothing that interesting happened really, except Claus, who I had been to the PCA with, showed up to play some live poker at the Aviation Club before heading to Deauville for the EPT. It was really great to see him again and hopefully he can get in deep in the Deauville Main Event.

So all in all, me and Lars lost 5000€ on our poker trip to Paris. It was still a great experience and we had a lot of fun. I also have a crush on Paris after this trip and am considering going there for an extended period of time. Live games are definately extremely soft and the city is pretty cool. I didn’t get to see anything while there for this poker weekend, which is why I want to come back to Paris and experience more of the city.

For now I’m back in Copenhagen. The plan is to grind a lot of poker online playing Heads Up and hopefully make lots of money that I can spew on live tournaments. I might try and play the EPT copenhagen, but its such a tough field that I feel it would be like throwing money out the window. I do have plans on visiting my siblings in Manchester during March, which will be really nice.

I’ll still be updating this blog at least twice a week, and because I’ll be focusing more on online poker the coming weeks, it might get a little boring for some of you.

Untill next time. See ya and good luck!

Poker in Paris..part 1.

January 21, 2010 1 comment

Me and Lars arrived in Paris on the 15th, during the afternoon. The first thing I noticed is that Charles de Gaule airport is fucking confusing! Its a huge block of cement too, so nothing pretty to look at compared to Copenhagen Airport with wooden floors and carpets at the gates.

Me and Lars managed to get out to the cabs, and of course someone tried to hustle us right away – Even tho this is Paris. You would think that in developed countries you wouldn’t have people trying to hustle tourists, but this wasn’t the case here. Some guy tried to get us to pay 80€ to take us to Paris! And when we declined, he muttered something about Pakistanis and Chinese always being racist toward him! lol? The guy looked like he was from the middle east, not sure how pakistanis would be racist toward him!

Let me tell you right away dear reader. If you plan on taking a cab from the Charles de Gaulle airport to the center of Paris, do not spend more than 50€ on the cab fare even tho the airport isn’t exactly that close to the city itself. Now you know!
So we got another taxi driver who’d take us to Paris directly to our hotel for 50€, he just needed to see if he could collect a few more passengers before we could leave. He got one more passenger and we headed towards Paris.
We arrived at the hotel and checked out our room. They had made a mistake and given us a room with a double bed. Not exactly how I had pictured me and Lars sleeping in the same room, so we got that changed to a room with two beds. The funny thing was that the beds were basically pushed up against each other. There was still minimal space between us tho because of the beds wooden frames. After checking in we headed around the corner to the Aviation Club – Where we would be playing the 1000€ main event for the Paris Open of Poker Finals.

The Aviation Club is a small cardroom and casino where you can play lots of different games like Backgammon, Baccarat, Poker and Blackjack. It maintains an atmosphere of a high class cardroom with a dresscode where you have to have wear nice shoes and long sleeves. This is semi annoying to me but I had to agree with Lars that it encourages an atmosphere that attracts old, wealthy men and not so much young internet kids, who usually are better at poker than the old men.

This was exactly the case. There seemed to be men in their 30s and 40s everywhere. Nothing like what I saw in the Bahamas. The poker games being played were 2/4€, 5/5€ and 5/10€. All Texas Holdem No Limit and Pot Limit Omaha. The waiting list was quite long for 5/5 and 5/10 so we ended up playing some 2/4€. Lars and I share bankrolls so our winnings/losses were combined.
The night however didn’t end that well and we ended up down around 1000€ plus the 2000€ that we paid for the tournament entries. Nothing major but still semi annoying. Another thing that sucked about the 2/4€ games was that lots of guys would sit down with only 100€, which was the minimum. So even tho there were some people who sat in deep, all the “shortstackers” would have a bad impact on our winrate. We went to bed around 2-3am, since we wanted to be rested and motivated to play the next day in the tournament.

We would start at 2pm. 10k start stack with blinds 25/50 and 60 min levels. I really don’t want to get too much into how my tournament went, because well – I just played bad in my opinion. Made way too many spewy mistakes preflop in an effort to isolate and outplay people postflop, which didn’t work out well. I busted in the third or fourth level with QQ vs AA when I had like 10bb left. GG DONKAMENTS!
Lars, while struggling, was still in. We were here in Paris to play poker, so I decided to play the 5/5 cashgame after getting some food.

The cash game was pretty juicy as I had expected. The 5/5 game also played more like 5/10, because people were usually buying in for 1k and raising 25-40 preflop. People at this table were well, in a nutshell, terrible. Even some of the regulars who frequent this game would not be able to win at 200nl rull ring online.

Lars went back to the hotel after the tournament ended for the day at around 8-9pm. He had about 15bb at the end of Day 1. He wanted to play cash but focusing on the tournament the whole day had drained him and he needed to rest. I stayed at the tables playing but things weren’t exactly going my way and I was down a little. At some point during the evening I turned it around and was sitting with 3200€ while in for 2500€. This slowly dwindled down to 2500€ until this hand played out, which I managed to utterly slaughter:

2-3 guys limp. Im sitting in the CO with AKo and raise it up to 60. SB who is some chinese guy who seemed the most competent at the table calls and two others call. My image at this point is of an aggressive player, but prolly not too bluffy.

Flop comes A29r.
Its checked to me and I bet about 160 into about 250. SB instant calls and others fold.
Turn 2 and chinese guy checks to me again. I bet out about 320 and he instantly raises to 1000. Of course being brainwashed from playing too much Heads Up, I didn’t want to put him on having trips deuces at all and after a minute of thinking decide to shove it all in hoping that I could get a crying call from a worse A, even tho there was a clear possibilty he could have something lie 99 or even A2s.

Thinking back on the hand now, I feel that I played the hand as terribly as possible on the turn. I don’t know why I did. Maybe I was tired, maybe I’m just a full ring fish(most probable) or maybe I was just intent on making money with my hand instead of realizing that I was beat here and the only thing that I could possibly beat in this spot was a bluff, which wasn’t very likely.

After I shove the chinese guy goes berserk asking me if I have a full house? I don’t answer him, but at the same time am thinking “OH SHIT, Hes got the deuce! FUCK FUCK FUCK, Act confident!! PLS FOLD A DEUCE CHINESE GUY!!!” I could feel the sweat beads emerging on my forehead as I realized that I was way behind in this hand. So I sat there for the thirty seconds hoping that he would be able to fold his hand until finally he said “I CALL” in french and tabled 2c6c.

The turn didn’t save me with an A and I stood up feeling all empty inside knowing I had just lost a 5000€ pot by misplaying my hand totally, even while being given the biggest clues that I was behind. I told the guy nice hand, thanked the table for the game and I left the room not sure what I wanted to do. At this time I just felt that I had been coolered, but thinking about the hand with a clear head now, I realize that I could have easily folded on the turn taking in all the factors like the game being 9handed, his ability to bluff big in this spot and what his range was for his call on the dry flop.

After the hand was over I was down like 2500€ for the day. I decided that it was time to get drunk and forget about how I couldn’t even win against some of the worse live players I’ve ever seen.

There’s a club right down the street on the Champs-Élysées, so I headed there to drown my misery(yes it can be miserable being a poker player sometimes).

While trying to order a drink at the bar of this club, which was packed since it was Saturday, me and some chick started talking. She was pretty cute and we seemed to have a great rapport. We were standing there talking, and I had my arm around her and she was all touchy feely, so I’m thinking YES.. At least I can run good with chicks on this trip, right until her boyfriend walked up to us and told her that they need to go home. Ugghh! Could anything go right on this trip or what? We said goodbye and I stood at the bar pouring down 15€ drinks one after the other..

Here I was in Paris for the second day of what was supposed to be three days of making lots of money against french poker donks and we were already down 7000€. Was 2010 gonna be a repeat of 2009, where I didn’t even make half as much as I had hoped for? Bahamas had gone terrible pokerwise. Paris wasn’t exactly looking too peachy. Meh… At least we still had two more days to turn things around.

Check back in a day or two, where I finish the story about our trip to Paris.

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Broke in the Bahamas!

January 14, 2010 Leave a comment

So poker has basically gone bad ever since the second day here at the PCA in the Bahamas.
I’m definately not satisfied with my performance in the two tournaments I entered(1k shorthanded and 1k Heads up). So my goal in 2010 is to try and get better at tournies while still putting in hours playing NL Heads up, so I dont hurt my overall yearly profit too much.

Im sitting here at Nassau International Airport and counting my monies and I have like 200$ in cash on me. Good job Alex!! Claus on the other hand is friggin loaded.

The last day in the Bahamas I came down to the pokerroom with about 2000$. I figured I’d play some 2/5$NL. Even if I lost it wouldn’t be a big deal since it was our last day and I had creditcards etc to pay for the hotel.

So I sit down and the table seems pretty good. Lots of older guys. However things weren’t supposed to go my way.
First hand I’m on the button. MP, a young guy raises – CO calls and I call with 86s. Flop comes J 8 4. He bets 35 into 52$ pot.
CO folds, I call.
Turn is a 7h, putting a bd heart draw out there. He bets 65 into 122$ and I call.
River is a Jh, completing the flush and he after 15 seconds bets 175$.

After thinking for a while I folded since the bet was so big it seemed as if he had a nut type hand. I was contemplating possibly shoving to get him off a bd flush, but trying to get people off big hands is not usualy a good play and I had no idea how good he was even tho he seems pretty competent.

Most hands after that usually ended like this, either me folding or calling a very cheap valuebet on the river with the second best hand.

The last hand I played I had like 650$. An old tight guy from MP raises it up to 25$ at 2/5$NL. Im in the BB with AKo. I’m also frustrated at this point.
I 3bet him to 80, he thinks for about 20 seconds before 4betting to 190$. I have a bad feeling when I declare all in, but he doesnt instant call even tho he has me covered. Instead he fucking waits till I’ve counted out how much more it is then and then calls, showing A friggin A. Not only did I get owned by some old guy who obviously had me crushed, but he slowrolled me too :(

At this point I had like 600$ left and decided that enough was enough and I wasn’t playing my best anymore( I was prolly not playing my best that whole day to be honest), and decided to go meet up with someone I had met the day before for some dinner. Kami, the girl I was having dinner with convinced me to go degen with her at the craps table after dinner, which resulted in me losing another 400$. GREAT FUCKING TRIP, YEAH!”!

OH well..

It has still been a great experience, even tho I ended up losing like 6000-7000$. The weather could have been better. However, I did get to meet a lot of cool people, which was awesome. The staff at the PCA were also really nice and friendly. The whole PCA was very well organized, however it was really too bad that the cash games weren’t running 24/7 like in Prague. I hope this will be different in Paris or at least Deauville.

Now its time to return home to Copenhagen. We take off from Nassau to Atlanta and then Copenhagen. I land in Copenhagen at around 10am on the 15th and will have time to just check up on my place before leaving again at 1pm for Paris with my good friend Lars. We are counting on totally crushing the games and the 1000€ tournament in Paris.

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